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Gem Mountain

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Charles and Kay Buchanan, owners and operators of Gem Mountain and Brushy Creek Aquamarine Mine are confident you will treasure the gem hunting experience. Many valuable gems are found each day and they supply all of the necessary equipment. They even have experienced help for novice rockhounds.

Gem mining is fun for mom and dad...and kids too.

Covered flumes allow for prospecting rain or shine. Our modern gem washing facilities make it an easy and relaxing way to discover Earth's treasures.

Your stones will be inspected free of charge.

Experienced gem cutters are also on hand to cut and design jewelry from your finds. They have lots of local materials such as Crabtree emerald, Wiseman and Brushy Creek aquamarine, as well as moonstones, garnet, citrine, ruby, amethyst, sapphire and others brought fresh from the mines daily.